New resource for rocking your vocalists

This notice was sent to the UU Musicians’ Network discussion list, and thus there is some stuff  specific to the membership.  But notice what’s coming out of these UUMN sessions: a DVD aimed at getting your choir moving and grooving, by Berklee School of Music instructor Jeannie Gagné (above) and UU contemporary music leader Annie Haymaker. How long can we wait for that? Too long, whatever it is.

Dear colleagues,

Jeannie Gagné and Annie Haymaker are doing a video project on contemporary singing styles for choirs, and we’re doing some private videotaping for the project during the upcoming UUMN conference. We invite your participation in either or both of these:

1. We need a small group to be “the choir” as Jeannie leads warmups, exercises, and songs to demonstrate the difference between traditional and contemporary approaches, and the use of body movement in contemporary choirs. If you want ideas for helping your choir get comfortable with contemporary singing, this is for you!

2. Jeannie will also be giving a few free voice lessons for contemporary soloists, covering the differences from classical soloing, improvisation, and interpretation. This is a great opportunity to learn new soloing techniques for yourself, or to use with your choir’s soloists.

We’ll be videotaping these sessions Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at times that fit participants’ schedules. Please contact Annie at if you’d like to sign up. In addition to having fun and learning a lot, you’ll also get a free copy of the DVD when it’s finished!

Jeannie Gagné is a vocalist, church music director, experienced choir director, co-creator of “Singing the Journey,” and college professor in both contemporary and classical singing. Check out her websites at and .

Annie Haymaker is a church music director, video producer, and long-time educator, and a third-year candidate in UUMN’s Music Leadership Credentialing Program.


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