message: OK. medium: needs work?

Rev. Harlan Limpert commented in an article in UU World

What we know is there is a real desire and need for what we offer, but we have to offer it in a way that’s accessible to people.

This is a (probably unintentional) restatement of the reasons behind contemporary worship styles. I quote it here because it confirms my previously held opinion. [insert smiley icon here] (Your results may vary.)

Was it only coincidence that the comment was embedded in an article about the second year of declining membership in our congregations? I think not, but Rev. Limpert has not spoken on this exact question yet. Anyway, I offer it here in hopes that it will spark thought and consideration.

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Contemporary Music and Worship Director (retired), First Unitarian, Albuquerque NM
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4 Responses to message: OK. medium: needs work?

  1. hUUmanist says:

    Interesting – But, of course, in the five steps they llist to “counter these trends”, the most important one (in my opinion) is missing: Convince the majority of UU’s that growth is actually important and necessary.

    • A thought-provoking observation. “Of course we want to grow!”, many will cry. But if they’re asked to change their own congregation’s culture (e.g. stop talking about themselves for 15 or 20 minutes during “worship”, or some other cherished tradition) in order to bestow the benefits of Unitarian Universalism on total strangers … I can see how that would be a hard sell. UU NIMBY, I guess.

    • Totally agree that our actions speak louder than our words. But if the actions a newcomer sees first are a pantomime of 17th century Puritan rituals, set to 18th century organ music, will they inevitably draw the conclusion “this is what I need to transform my life!”? Elaborated in my comment on your blog.

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