here’s how we roll

I’ve had some requests to see and hear how we do worship. Luckily, we got a similar request from the Unitarian Universalist Association, so we made a video featuring some of our singers and songwriters, our band, and interviews with staff and congregants.

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Contemporary Music and Worship Director (retired), First Unitarian, Albuquerque NM
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5 Responses to here’s how we roll

  1. Way to go! It’s great to hear that congregations across the country are embracing contemporary worship and music. We’re using a contemporary format at Harmony UU (north of Cincinnati) and it’s bringing in tons of visitors, mostly in the “young families with kids” age range – and our return visit rate is over 90%. It’s great to hear your success story too!

  2. dochaagendazs says:

    Good music. Now, about the spoken words…..

  3. Paul Oakley says:

    Thanks, y’all, for putting together this video! And what an honor to be showcased in the UUA’s A Religion for Our Time pantheon of positive examples!

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