updating timeless themes

This got me thinking about the difference between Christmas music and everything else in the canonical liturgical repertoire. How many CDs do you have of Christmas music? We probably have 25 or 30. How many of them are choirs singing the same familiar arrangements of the standards? None of ours are. Ours range from the Blind Boys of Alabama to Riders in the Sky to Brave Combo, from polkapunk to smooth jazz.

Christmas music has been worked over in every style imaginable, and it’s evidently still selling big. I don’t see the Robert Shaw Chorale much, but I sure see a lot of Reba McIntire and Brian Setzer.

Why shouldn’t the rest of our repertoire benefit from the same treatment?


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Contemporary Music and Worship Director (retired), First Unitarian, Albuquerque NM
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  1. And, of course, this one, the first time I had ever heard a folk-rock group sing Gregorian chant. The only time, now that I think of it, but really incomparably wonderful.

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