some music resources

Lots of the music we do is taken from (sometimes adapted from) the pop/rolk/rock/reggae repertoire. But there are some significant resources right here in the Unitarian-Universalist world that we should be aware of.

Jim Scott has written some wonderful songs, suitable for a contemporary service. One I particularly like that seems underappreciated (or perhaps unknown) is “Common Ground“, with a great Brazilian groove that can be done as a congregational song.

Exit 43 has some very strong material, often with a gospel flavor (“Home At Last” is a song that should be sung in every UU congregation). Their CDs are available on CD Baby, if you don’t want to send a check and wait for snail-mail.

Dana Decker has an interesting gig: Christian-rock musician at a California mega-church, as well as being a session musician. But his home congregation is UU, and his CD When We Sing is written in the rock idiom of the day job, with lyrics that express UU values.

Linda Myers performs regularly at our contemporary service (as seen in the video), as well as at the local Unity Church and Religious Science congregations. Her lyrics shoot straight to the heart.

Emma’s Revolution are not UUs, but you’d be forgiven for thinking they are. They regularly play at UU events (including multiple General Assemblies) and congregations, and their focus on social justice fits well with our values. “Keep On Moving Forward” is a favorite (and featured in our video); “Swimming to the Other Side” has also become a standard for us.

I’m glad to lift up these UU (and related) songwriters and hope you’ll support what they do by buying some CDs and adding their music to your repertoire.

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Contemporary Music and Worship Director (retired), First Unitarian, Albuquerque NM
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2 Responses to some music resources

  1. linda myers says:

    thanks for your kind words, Vance! And it’s also thanks to you, as a contemporary music champion, that my music, and many budding uu’s musical talents, gets heard. I’m deeply grateful.

  2. Paul Oakley says:

    This is closer to what I intended and close as it’s going to get. Please delete me above.

    My tiny, emerging home congregation (less than 30 members) has had the great good fortune of having Jim Scott perform an evening concert for us and Emma’s Revolution perform at a Sunday morning worship service. Both were possible because we piggy backed on the performance schedule at a nearby church (60 miles away with more than 170 members). We couldn’t have afforded to pay them even remotely near what they normally get, but as day-before or day-after gig, they were willing to work within our fiscal reality. What a blessing!

    Even before they came, we’d used the Jim Scott songs in Singing the Living Tradition and Singing the Journey. We’d also used recordings of “Swimming to the Other Side.” Since their visits, we’ve somewhat increased our use of their recorded material.

    Thanks for the other suggestions!

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