an unfortunate choice of name

When I named this blog, I made a mistake: “loud” is not the defining characteristic of contemporary worship or contemporary worship music.

Granted, it was louder when we started doing this, by virtue of having a drum kit on stage. You must have drums and bass for the music to work. Drums have a certain minimum volume, so that sets the volume level for everything else.

To get that under control, we hunted around found a reasonably-priced used Roland electronic drum kit. The drummer loves playing it, the sound guy loves mixing around it, and those with sensitive hearing or who just don’t like loud sounds have one less thing to worry about.

But — surprise! — it turns out that our cherished 7-foot Steinway is as loud as the drums used to be, even with the lid down. So, we have a new instrument that sets the minimum volume level. Most players can dial it back, but there are some who just have to squeeze all the roar out of it. For those, I’m investigating jamming a wedge into the soft-pedal.

Anyway, I should have called this blog “Liberal Religion Gets Modern”, or “Liberal Religion Gets Happy”, or used some other adjective to describe what we do, but they seemed to imply that all other UUs are troglodytes or grouches, which is not what I think, so it’ll have to stay “loud”. But take that as metaphorical. We’re no louder than the Steinway, which is to say no louder than the choir.

About liberalreligiongetsloud

Contemporary Music and Worship Director (retired), First Unitarian, Albuquerque NM
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3 Responses to an unfortunate choice of name

  1. How about this? Liberal Religion Gets Loud, with “loud” in the sense that you are appealing to a portion of the population who might have overlooked UU in the past because they prefer a contemporary worship and music style? So through your musical choices, you are making all of UU “louder” by becoming accessible to this new group of people.

  2. I rather like the title, but then, I think there’s nothing more beautiful and soothing than the sound of a guitar feeding back. I’d like to hear that sound in a church some day.

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