chords for Singing the Living Tradition

Here’s a reminder: last year several members of the Unitarian Universalist Musicians’ Network (UUMN) contributed to a document containing chord symbols for a goodly number of hymns in “Singing the Living Tradition”. If your congregation has a guitarist, or keyboard player who prefers to play off of chord changes, this will speed them on their way to accompanying the more traditional hymns from that book. (“Singing the Journey” was prepared with this in mind, so almost all the songs have chord symbols.)

For example, I just added chords for #44 “We Sing of Golden Mornings”:

Bb | Eb / / Bb | Eb / / Cm7 | Eb / Fm Fm7 | Eb / / / |
Eb / / Bb | Eb / Bb Eb | Eb / Fm / | Eb / / / |
Cm / / / | Eb / / / | Eb / Fm Fm7 | Eb / Bb / |
Eb / / / | F7 / Bb Eb | Eb / Ab Bb | Eb / /

The format here is laid out just as the hymnal page is. Vertical bars are bar lines, slashes are beats with repeated chords.

You are welcome to use this for your services or any other occasion. If you have chords for hymns not in the collection, I’d be pleased to add them.

Chord Changes for “Singing the Living Tradition”

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4 Responses to chords for Singing the Living Tradition

  1. Sherrie says:

    it would be nice to see more of the music also done for banjo,mandolin,and dulcimer (I play & teach all three!)

    • Since there aren’t any chord fingerings or tablature, these charts should work fine on any chordal instrument. Well, “We Sing of Golden Mornings” is going to be a pig to play on dulcimer because of the key, but the chord symbols are universal, not guitar-specific. Give it a try!

      • Sherrie says:

        I’ve been starting to do tab for the CLF UU congregation,and in the case of difficult keys,I just transpose it to a different and more friendly key. Too bad there isn’t way to organize all the UU folk/old time/bluegrass musicians & get a network going.

  2. There’s an ad hoc group in the UU Musicians Network, which is a good place to connect with others.

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