people these days don’t sing. right?

This just in from UU music director Jed Levine:

Here are a bunch of young people, clearly having fun, and sounding great. No sheet music, no prior rehearsals, no advance notice of the piece. This happens in a bar in Toronto every week. The people just show up, rehearse and sing! Granted, church is not a bar, but I’m sure some of our congregations would appreciate this sort of energy.

What a fantastic experience these happy people are having! We sing in worship because music moves our hearts and minds and bodies in ways that words can’t. It’s not complete without both. These folks (not all young, either!) are clearly having a heightened experience — not worship, but akin to it.

I agree, Jed. This could be a perfect complement to worship, or with the right songs, an entire service. It’s going into my idea file for the next music special service. Thanks for sharing it!

About liberalreligiongetsloud

Contemporary Music and Worship Director (retired), First Unitarian, Albuquerque NM
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